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Samsung Gear VR Powered by Ocus Very cool technology. Very cool website using scrolling animation technique   Convenient control With a tap or a swipe. The larger and now completely flat touchpad exists for precision and control. The new Home Key takes you straight back to Oculus Home. HOME KEYPress to return to Oculus Home BACK KEYPress to return to […]

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Tribute to Seymour Papert, Computer Scientist, 1926 – 2016

RIP Seymour Papert  From the desk of contributing editor Charles Weaver: He visited U of I while we were there and taught some classes for kids at Uni High and the PLATO lab. One was on the science of cooking and nother on juggling. He invented LOGO language ad turtle geometry. As you will see […]

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March On

Now is a great time to set up that website you’ve been thinking about. From March 10 through March 20 2016 Webaissance is offering 20% off all of our services with the coupon code #marchon We’ll set you up with your very own Wordpress Website on the Google Cloud Google Cloud WordPress Starter Pack $100 $80 with […]

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March Madness Continues

Hello friends. March Madness at Webaissance continues today with 30% off all of our services this week with the coupon code #MARCHMADNESS. March Madness will continue throughout the month taking on a different form each week. We introduce two new starter packs in addition to Google Cloud: Canvas Host and Dreamhost. Each starter package is […]

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Welcome to the new Webaissance!

Hello Friends, Today is a big day for Webaissance. We have an updated website. A new platform. A new system of packages. A new tagline. And some new promotions! Our new tagline: Re-imagine your place on the web. Imagine your website the way you want it. Imagine new features, new functionality, better performance for your website. […]

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