Webaissance Dreamcatcher Digital Promotion Plan


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This package has everything you need to promote your website in the modern digital world.

It includes:

* Big picture marketing and promotion planning for the length of the plan
* SEO tune-up and boosting
* Mailchimp setup and implementation – or comparable mailing list plan
* Logo consultation and tune-up
* Google Search Console set up and tuneup
* Google Analytics Analysis
* Google Ads setup
* Email campaign setup
* Facebook Ads setup
* Social media integration and consultation
* Promotional Coupon Code setup
* Promotional consultation
* Built-in site documentation
* Project Management
* A variety of other digital promotion methods from our growing arsenal
* Round the clock customer service during the course of the plan
Total value: $800+
Standard Package price: $600
Ask about coupon codes for additional discounts
A commission option is available which would reduce the price and Webaissance would retain a small commission on online sales.
Options for payment are:
Standard 3 Months Plan $600
Standard 3 Months Plan One Year with trade $400 + $300 trade
Standard 3 Months Plan with trade and commission $300 + $300 trade + 5% commission on gross sales for 3 months
Mini 1 Month Plan $300 for 1/3 Standard Plan
Mini 1 Month Plan with trade $200 + $200 trade for 1/3 Standard Plan
Mini 1 Month Plan with trade and commission $150 + $200 trade + 5% commission on gross sales for 1 months for 1/3 Standard Plan
Mini 1 Month Plan $150 for 1/2 of the plan for 1 month.
A full range of additional web and digital services can be ordered a la carte as needed. See our packages page for details.

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Payment Options

Standard, Standard with Trade, Standard with Trade and Commission, Mini, Mini with Trade, Mini with Trade and Commission, Mini Starter