Webaissance Art House DreamMaker Website Package


The Webaissance Arthouse Dreammaker Digital Package has everything you need to take your Arthouse website and digital presence to the next level.



The Webaissance Art House DreamMaker Digital Package has everything you need to take your Art House website and digital presence to the next level.

It includes:

* Webaissance Art House WordPress Plugin which integrates Diamond Ticketing with your website ($200 annual renewal – 20% off standard price)
* Domain and hosting consultation
* WordPress installation and setup
* Custom professional design and branding
* Custom data functionality, including the Pods Framework
* Woocommerce installation and setup
* SSL Certificate installation
* Security plugin installation and configuration
* SEO, Google Analytics and Google Search Console installation and configuration
* Caching and optimization plugin setup and configuration
* Custom forms jnstallation and configuration
* Social media integration
* Built-in site documentation
* 2 hrs site orientation
* Project Management
* 1 month customer service/warranty updates as needed
* Offsite backup

After the site is launched we strongly recommend our affordable, flexible monthly maintenance plan to keep the site secure, up-to-date and running smoothly
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A full range of additional web and digital services can be ordered a la carte as needed. See our packages page for details.
Examples of websites that were built with the Webaissance Arthouse DreamMaker Package: