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Tribute to Seymour Papert, Computer Scientist, 1926 – 2016

RIP Seymour Papert

 From the desk of contributing editor Charles Weaver:
He visited U of I while we were there and taught some classes for kids at Uni High and the PLATO lab. One was on the science of cooking and nother on juggling.
He invented LOGO language ad turtle geometry. As you will see his death was announced by the Lego foundation. I mean Logo foundation but I think he was behind the early Lego computer stuff.
From the article via the NYT:

Seymour Papert, 88, Dies; Saw Education’s Future in Computers

Seymour Papert, a visionary educator and mathematician who well before the advent of the personal computer foresaw children using computers as instruments for learning and enhancing creativity, died on Sunday at his home in Blue Hill, Me. He was 88.

Dr. Seymour Papert with a robot, the “Logo Turtle,” for children’s play and problem-solving. He drew inspiration from Jean Piaget, the Swiss psychologist. CreditCynthia Solomon/MIT Media Lab

His death was announced by the Logo Foundation, a nonprofit educational organization that he co-founded. His wife was the Russia scholar and author Suzanne Massie,

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